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  • Both indicators: Buy and Sell PERFECT ENTRY & Buy and Sell CONFIRMATION ENTRY
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How to access the indicators:

This is an Invite-Only Script for TradingView.

One-time payment, lifetime access!

Please allow us up to 12 hours to process the invitation (usually it takes 1h max).

After buying the indicators please send us an email at with the name of the person who made the purchase and your TradingView username.

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Timeframes and Breakouts

We, as traders, do multiple days swing trades, so we use 1 or 3 day timeframes and 7 hour usually to confirm between them, using the indicators. For crypto 4h is like a daily timeframe do to continuous trading, We use 15 min for scalping and 1h just to confirm that the scalping isn`t made in a different type of trend that we want to put our money in.

We try to buy mainly with Perfect Entry indicator when we receive a buy signal after exiting the green area (oversold) and sell when we receive a sell signal exiting the red vertical area (overbought). Those are potential breakouts/downs.

Perfect Entry indicator tries to catch an early trend! Confirmation Entry follows the trend for a longer period of time, so it`s good especially for exits, but also to make sure you`ve entered a trade correctly.

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I bought both these indicators before the end of the week trial period. After 4 days these indicators helped me achieve a 540% gain to my entire trading account. Yes thats over 5x in 4 days!
With these indicators I contantly gain between 20% to 50+% daily, trading crypto currencies, depending on my time allowance.
For me these indicators were my missing link.
These indicators together with a good knowlege and practice or risk management via stop loss/profit protection strategies, you can NOT lose!
I have not had ONE losing day since I started using these indicators.
To make this even better, Florian the creator of these incredible tools actually respinds to emails! not just replies he replies in such a timely manner.
The whole experience has been first class.
If you dont have these indicators, I have 3 words of advice for you....

Trader_52 from Tradingview

I trialed them first and found them very effectively. Made a good amount of money with just two days of usage with some good moving stocks (SPI, SUNW, CBAT, PECK). 

Best analogy is like buying infrared goggles if you're gonna go trekking out at night...!!! Watch out 'cause I think Perfect Entry can be pretty addictive...!!! ;-)

Couple of times, the SELL signal came on even before I saw the flush starting...!!! That saved me good money!

naseermkhan from Tradingview

So i have been using the PERFECT ENTRY indicator for SPX scalps for the last week and have found it extremely helpful.

The author explained to me that they usually wait for an exit of the RED/GREEN shadowing for entry. I did this with including strong resistance/support lines and they line up very well. For example the 2x support touch on SPX happened to the 2x times it was given Green oversold and then quickly bounced.

Then again these are quick scalps on options PUTS/CALLS but i did go back and back-test names like AMZN NFLX ROKU and using the 5/15 MIN timeframes there are some really good entries and exits given for those that are flipping shares and options.

Highly recommend the indicator

CallumAndrew from Tradingview

Personally, I can fully recommend the indicators, tried them on my papertrading account for a few days, then bought them yesterday - and promptly gained the buying price plus a bit more back on the first day of using them.

If you are looking for great support in your trading decisions (this is not some magic or fortune telling, this is a tool to indicate probabilities) you have found it here. If you are disciplined and patient, know how to read the indicators and want to be consistently successful, then get the indicators.

loruenser from Tradingview

Amazing script, it's surprisingly very accurate. @CryptoFundManager is also extremely helpful. Gave me a lot of tips outside of the scope of the script as well.

Highly recommend this.

Synaptics_ on Tradingview


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